Avaatar 3 Carat Bello Panchdhatu Metal Ruby Ring

MRP - Rs. 5300
Price - Rs. 2150

product description

  1. Ruby gemstones are widely known in the arena of astrology for its strong association with the “Sun”-The ultimate source of all energies.
  2. Due to its strong association with the Sun it is regarded as the King of gemstones and brings-in creativity, wisdom and love in the.
  3. With strong association with the Sun it improves manhood and nobility of the wearer when worn by male.
  4. While in women it invokes passion and power.
  5. It is usually worn in gold or Panchdhatu Metal.
  6. Gemstones are usually worn as per body weight approx.
  7. 1 Ratti to 10 kg of weight.
  8. 1 Ratti is = .91ct.
  9. Usually Astrologers recommend people to wear a gemstone in Ratti size.
  10. One can wear it with variance of 10% in weight and still have the same effect.
  11. Please note that for Astrological purpose for wearing a stone of 3.25 Ratti we can use a gemstone of carat weight 2.50 -3.14cts

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