Avaatar 8 Carat Yellow Sapphire 8.25 Ratti Metal Pendant

MRP - Rs. 5900
Price - Rs. 2950

product description

  1. This Pendant Contains Yellow Sapphire Which Helps You To Gain Success And Wealth.
  2. Vedic Astrology Holds Gemstone Yellow Sapphire In High Regard.
  3. The Gemstone, Known To Represent Jupiter, Is Suggested As A Remedy For Getting Rid Of Financial Difficulties And Struggles And Many Other Issues.
  4. It Is Said To Represent Positive Values Such As Wisdom, Knowledge, Philosophy, Education, And Truth.
  5. It Is Believed That Wearing The Yellow Sapphire Helps To Balance The Internal And External Thought Process, Guide All Actions And Manages Complex Activities.
  6. It Has A Positive Influence On The Intellectual, Spiritual And Religious Development Of An Individual.
  7. Yellow Sapphire Brings The Wisdom Of Prosperity, Not Only By Attracting Wealth And Financial Abundance Into One’S Life, But In Its Ability To Manifest One’S Creative Energy Into Form Through Action.
  8. It Also Encourages The Exploration Of Moving In New Directions, Bringing Excitement And Joyful Expectation About The Possibilities In Life.

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