MUTEBOX Tempered Glass Guard for Sony Xperia C3

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 249

product description

  1. Mutebox Flexible tempered glass with a thickness of only 0.26mm is tough protection, well, almost forever! With its unique damage resistance properties, it resists deep scratches and sudden impacts that cause glass breakage.
  2. Interactivity now exposes the mobile devices to relentless onslaught of various kinds of touch.
  3. Mutebox tempered glass provides protection to touchscreens from this onslaught.
  4. It is shatterproof, thereby ensuring that there is no collateral damage.
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  6. It comes with rounded edges; therefore pose no harm while application.
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  8. Automatic absorption ensures bubble free application.
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  10. Oleo phobic oil coating

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