BoardRite Non Magnetic Laminate Small Whiteboards(Set of 0, White)

MRP - Rs. 3600
Price - Rs. 3000

product description

  1. Printed Boards are one of the special categories of product designed and manufactured by OmyGawd to meet the day to day requirement of Reusable Writing Surface which can be placed at any important area.
  2. This reusable writing surface with different layouts are designed keeping in mind the several specific categories which plays a vital role in each life that can be either planning your day or week or month or year, or planning your weekly kitchens menu or your daily workout or your bucket list and so on for several different purpose.
  3. You can use the White Board Markers easily available in the market to write on this surface and can easily wipe it off using a piece of cloth indefinitely.Visit for customization and designing the Board as per your requirement.
  4. Also explore our vast varieties of Boards, Display System, Planners and Games.

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