Inner Sense Organic Cotton Antimicrobial Padded Underwired T-shirt Bra(Combo) Women's Bralette Heavily Padded Bra(Multicolor)

MRP - Rs. 1598
Price - Rs. 1598

product description

  1. •It's better for you: ANTI-MICROBIAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-ODOUR, ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-STATIC.•BETTER FABRIC: Absorbs & evaporates sweat better than synthetic fabric & even cotton, making you feel fresh throughout the day.•COMFORT COMES FIRST: Protects your sensitive breast and nipple skin, feels super soft against the skin, simply the best care you can ask for.•THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: This Inner Sense printed t-shirt bra is padded and underwired with a sweetheart line.
  2. It has a unique front where the pads are encased in such a way that the fabric remains unattached to the pad; making the fit excellent for every body type & no cup overflow or line visible at all.•WE CARE: The padding is medium thickness, around 2-3 mm; which is perfect for modesty without adding bulk.•COMPOSITION: 48% organic cotton + 48% Bamboo + 4% Lycra.

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