GadgetM Keyboard Case for 7-inch Tablet(Black, Plastic, Leather)

MRP - Rs. 999
Price - Rs. 499

product description

  1. This is an ultra sleek tablet cover for all 7 inch tablets that have a usb port.
  2. The plug and play option ensures that the keyboard starts working as soon as you connect it to the laptop.
  3. It is also a protective casing which ensures that your laptop is protected from falls and bumps.
  4. If perfectly fits all Samsung, HTC BSNL, IBERRY HCL and other android 7 inch tablets in the market.
  5. This cover holds an keyboard that have live size keys to ensure you can type at ease.
  6. Built-in USB for connecting the keyboard with your 7-Inch tablet PC Responsive keyboard for ease-of-use and efficiency with your tablet Useful stand for watching videos.
  7. Keyboard features 80 keys and operates on the Android operating system

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