Altop Resin Magnetic Steel Whiteboard(White)

MRP - Rs. 500
Price - Rs. 500

product description

  1. Presentation skills are ever so important to climb up the corporate ladder, it makes you confident and in control of complete knowledge.
  2. Make presenting the effective way a classic trait of yours by using the right tools.
  3. This whiteboard is a perfect tool to use for presentations, while learning or teaching.
  4. Steel Surface The steel surface of this board ensures long life of the board, rough usage, accidental falls and temperature regulation all get by without effecting this board.
  5. Magnetic The board is magnetic, increasing its ability to be an effective tool by being able to display magnets while presenting data.
  6. You can use magnets to teach various things as well.
  7. Framed The board is framed so there is no danger of people getting hurt or the board getting destroyed easily.
  8. You can also present using this board without having to draw a fresh border.
  9. Acrylic Triple Resin Coated The triple resin coating gives this board a smooth finish and also longer life through various temperature fall and rise.
  10. Rust Free The resin coat on the steel body helps keep rust and damage away.


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