Zephyr Mini Alpha Board(Multicolor)

MRP - Rs. 468
Price - Rs. 351

product description

  1. Let your children take the first step of learning English alphabet and numbers with Zephyr Toys.
  2. Mini Alpha Board is a portable educational toy by Zephyr Toys which introduces your children to the letters of English alphabet and numbers.
  3. Adding on to your child’s learning experience, Mini Alpha Board is extremely safe and durable.
  4. The two-in-one educational board can be used in two ways.
  5. Your children can either write on it with a chalk or stick magnetic letters and start their journey of becoming well versed with numbers and English alphabet.
  6. Suitable for children aged between one and three years, this Mini Alpha Board by Zephyr Toys can be gifted to girls and boys.
  7. Just place the board on a plane surface and teach your child the letters and their usage.
  8. This educational toy can also be gifted to children on their birthdays or special occasions, in order to boost their learning process.
  9. Zephyr Mini Alpha Board toy is a light weight toy which weighs a mere 720 g and measures 39.8 x 26.2 x 3.5 cm.
  10. Made of completely baby-friendly material, Zephyr Alpha Board is safe for your kids.
  11. Mini Alpha Board enhances your child’s motor skills, grasping skills along with hand-eye coordination.
  12. Objective The first few steps taken by a child in learning the English alphabet are the most crucial.
  13. The same goes for learning number sequences.
  14. The earlier children get a head start in simple calculations and language skills, the better it will be for them to grasp the finer details of the learning experience.
  15. The Zephyr Mini Alpha Board serves a dual purpose for kids, letting them write on it with the chalk or stick alphabet pieces or numbers onto them.
  16. Make children comfortable in the exciting journey of life where learning is a part of it.

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