Kobo Branded 4 In 1 Jogger Deluxe Model For Home Gym Treadmill

MRP - Rs. 21999
Price - Rs. 12341

product description

  1. KOBO is one of established names in the Fitness & Sports gear industry.
  2. They deal in footwear, apparel, sport accessories, gymnastics, fitness, racquets, hats and a variety of other sports equipment.
  3. For more than the last two decades they have relentlessly produces gear used by numerous renowned sport personalities and upcoming sports stars as well.
  4. With millions of loyal customers in the middle East and Europe, their growth is exponential because of the high-end quality products they provide to all sport enthusiasts.Please Note: We do not offer installation services on any fitness equipment.
  5. Guidelines for buying a Treadmill:Manual or Motorized:Manual Treadmills are lighter & smaller to store and cheaper in costA manual treadmill needs more effort which means more pressure on users joints initially whereas a motorized treadmill operates automatically making it easy to start with.Motorized treadmill sets the speed for the user which enables to burn more calories faster whereas a manual treadmill picks up pace according to users efforts.A stabilizer is necessary to use a Motorized Treadmill whereas it is not necessary in case of a Manual Treadmill.General Workout Tips:Vary your workout routine in terms of time, speed and intensity to make it more interestingSet realistic workout goals based upon your strengths and capabilitiesMix it up by skipping old and adding new exercises to your workout to make it challenging

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