Philips HR2505/00 500 W Chopper(White)

MRP - Rs. 3995
Price - Rs. 3599

product description

  1. If you are someone who loves cooking but hates to chop, then this Philips hand blender is what you need.
  2. With this chopper, you can chop all your vegetables like a chef.
  3. ChopDrop Technology To make chopping onions as easy as pie for you, this Philips hand blender comes with a ChopDrop technology which allows you to chop onions without any mess and fuss.
  4. This technology allows you to chop onions and other vegetables like a pro.
  5. Powerful Motor With a 500 W motor, this chopper ensures easy chopping without consuming much energy.
  6. Performance Equipped with sharp stainless steel blades, this chopper is capable of crushing even hard ingredients easily.
  7. Easy to Use This appliance is not only compact and durable but it is also easy to use - all your have to do is simply press down the top of the chopper towards the bowl.
  8. Automatic Speed Selection This appliance has 2-speed settings - you can use slow speed for coarse chopping and high speed for fine chopping.

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