Funskool Monopoly - India Edition Board Game

MRP - Rs. 599
Price - Rs. 539

product description

  1. Watch your children live out their ultimate fantasy of being a shrewd and canny trader in this gripping game of Monopoly that is being tailored specifically for the Indian milieu.
  2. Indian version to buy and sell Indian cities Get your children used to the wheeling and dealing early in life.
  3. The game works on the concept of the player transforming into a dealer, scoring points by buying and selling properties.
  4. This American-origin game has been reworked to suit the Indian crowd, where players will be dealing solely with Indian cities.
  5. \"Introduces Speed Die\" - to make the game faster In order to accelerate the speed of the game, a fabulous Speed Die is introduced.
  6. This Speed Die can be used only on receiving Go for the first time.
  7. The Speed Die gives you the benefit of playing along with the regular die.
  8. Once the player rolls this die on the board along with the regular dice, you can add up the numbers to zoom around the board.

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