Comfort Layer Men's, Women's Shapewear

MRP - Rs. 2499
Price - Rs. 139

product description

  1. Now you don't need to wear an extra innerwear to shape up your body.
  2. Fully cotton based, it is moisture absorbent and doesn't let warm climate bother your legs.
  3. Breathable fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
  4. Premium fabric doesn't let the product become see through.
  5. This compression leggings holds the extra cellulite on thighs, calves and thus lets you look slim, feel comfortable.
  6. It also serves some of the purpose of knee caps.
  7. Wear this shape wear leggings during your workouts, yoga, Zumba, aerobics, gym, etc.
  8. and see the difference it could make.
  9. You would enjoy working out wearing these leggings.
  10. It is perfect for your workout sessions, elegant for office use, and fashionable if you want to go shopping.
  11. You can wear it with long tops, or elegant Kurtis to get the best ever look.
  12. You must try it to believe that such thing exists.
  13. Get it in all 4 colours so that you have one for all your Kurtis and long tops.
  14. This shape wear is made of natural fibre and is moisture absorbent.
  15. Hence it is much comfortable, even in hot climate.
  16. The fabric is 4D stretchable and is non allergic.
  17. This fabric is comfortable to wear and is specially engineered keeping your comfort in mind.

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