Wall Design Non Magnetic Polyester Medium Whiteboards(Set of 1, White)

MRP - Rs. 1499
Price - Rs. 1499

product description

  1. Unique writing board films, made of 3m top media and our proprietory adhesive side so that you can stick anywhere you wish and you can take it to another room too.
  2. Just peel and stick and re-stick over and over again.
  3. A hassle free installation compared to the traditional boards that are heavy/bulky and do get damaged in transit to your home/office and involves drilling holes.
  4. You will not have any surprises buying this product.
  5. This comes in 4 dimensions and choose the best you like.
  6. This whiteboard film offers great versatily for interior application of home, office rooms, retail, schools and other private or public buildings and you will like many things about it: best writing board film in the market (made by 3m) - highest whiteness and easy rubbing even after many days of writing - no ghost effect of the ink after multiple use since this cleans off completely - stick on stick off film that you can apply anywhere in your home and office - remove and restick elsewhere as many times (ensure the adhesive side remains dust-free)so go ahead, have one or more of these in your home and always have your thoughts / to-dos / notes / memos all the time handy in front of you.
  7. You can take these thoughts wherever you go by just peeling this whiteboard and resticking to a new position! We recommend this for home-makers, students, professionals, home-offices and offices.
  8. Note: the use is restricted to indoor applications on flat surfaces only


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