\nBuilding NodeBots with Johnny-Five, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone(English, Paperback, Backstop Media),,,,,,,,,,[[{\"nodeId\":1,\"nodeName\":\"BOOK_TREE\"}]],,,% discount' />

Make: JavaScript Robotics
\nBuilding NodeBots with Johnny-Five, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone(English, Paperback, Backstop Media)

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  1. JavaScript Robotics is on the rise.
  2. Rick Waldron, the lead author of this book and creator of the Johnny-Five platform, is at the forefront of this movement.
  3. Johnny-Five is an open source JavaScript Arduino programming framework for robotics.
  4. This book brings together fifteen innovative programmers, each creating a unique Johnny-Five robot step-by-step, and offering tips and tricks along the way.
  5. Experience with JavaScript is a prerequisite.
  6. About the Authors Backstop Media is a partnership that consists of Troy Mott, Bob Herbstman and Christina Rudloff.
  7. Troy Mott has over fifteen years of experience in technical publishing, working in every facet of the industry.
  8. He currently manages Backstop Media, along with Bleeding Edge Press.
  9. Bob has worked in technical publishing for over ten years, editing and producing numerous books and articles.
  10. Christina has ten years of publishing experience, acquiring, editing and marketing numerous books and articles.
  11. Rick is the creator of Johnny-Five, a JavaScript framework for hardware programming on the Node.js platform and is working towards establishing standards for general hardware APIs.
  12. Currently supporting Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Pinoccio, Spark-Core, Light Blue Bean, Intel Galileo and Intel Edison, his work was recently highlighted at Intel's IDF2014.
  13. As a jQuery Core committer and former board member of the jQuery Foundation, Rick serves on Ecma TC39 as a representative of jQuery, channeling the project's vast real world experience into contributions to the design the next version of JavaScript.
  14. All of Rick's work on JavaScript Robotics is made possible by Bocoup.

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